O noble ones! the uppermost World is Heaven and the lowermost is Hell. Heaven is
inhabited by Great Beings who live in Truth. Hell is the abode of those who have chosen the Untruth. Between these two, there lies the World of Men, where Truth is mixed with Untruth in various measures.

The Astral World is the place wherein abide the Souls between one earthly life and the next. The Gurus are the Spiritual Masters who transmit My Truth to the World. They live in the Terrestrial, Astral and Celestial Spheres. I, the Supreme Guru, am above all.

In life, there are two Paths: one leads to Heaven, the other leads to Hell. Those who walk upon the upward Path, go to My Abode. Those who choose the downward Path, go astray. Therefore, as the hawk takes only one bird from the flock, let the wise follow one path. And let that path be straight and not crooked.

— Shiva Rahasya (259, 260, 261)