Once you reach the state of ‘I am’
and are aware of that only, you will have
transcended all the tendencies

‘Vasanas’, tendencies or desires have a very strong pull and act as very potent hindrances in the ‘Sadhana’ (practice). The obvious desires are easy to identify but the subtle ones enter through the back door or are always stubbornly there in the background.

The desire ‘to be’ is at the very root and often missed, it has developed gradually over the years as the verbal ‘I am’ with the ‘I am so-and-so’. But, if you recollect and are observant enough, it will be clear that when the pure non-verbal ‘I am’, or sense of
‘presence’, arrived it had no traces of desire in it, although it was dormant.

This pure ‘I am’ when desire was unexpressed is presently your
goal. As you abide in it with full understanding a stage will come when you are aware of the ‘I am’ only. It is only on reaching this stage you will have transcended all desires and they won’t
trouble you anymore.