Only when you stop the projecting will you be happy. When the projection is finished then only the screen is left. This screen is the same before, during, and after the projections. When mind stops there is no projection, this is the blissful state.

The objects of the inner dialogues are only from the past and so this chatter must be stopped, it must be controlled. This dialogue is only memory and it has to be controlled. This self-control is with small ‘s’ and refers to controlling the mind, the thoughts of the mind. Self control is when your mind is not leaking anything perishable, when your mind touches nothing that fades. No clinging to the past, no thoughts, no expectations for any future. Keeping mind between past and future is mind control and this is your face. This is not so easy. People have been trying to do this for so long. Five thousand years ago Arjuna asked Krishna how to control the mind which is as difficult to grasp as air. Krishna said: “By Abhyasa, practice, and Vairagya, non-attachment, you will control the mind. Vairagya is being non-attached to objects. Abhyasa is bringing the mind back from its objects and establishing it in me”. So sit quiet and watch the mind. It will want to go and enjoy the past experiences and enjoyments. Bring it back. If you are aware of the thief it will not steal from you, but if you are not aware then the thief will not let you be happy. It will loot the property of peace. This happens everyday and we enjoy it. We actually make friends with the snake. Keep after this inner dialogue and it will stop, if you have strong determination. All these objects of the mind are only projections.