Pay no attention to the ego. See only the light behind it

Q: How is one to bring the rebellious ego under control?

B: Pay no attention to the subversive ego and its unruly activities. See only the light behind it which illumines the ego; try to remain at the source of this light. If only you would scorch the ego by ignoring it, you would be free. Take no notice of the truculent ego and it’s various misdemeanors. The existence of the ego should not be accepted. If you attribute any importance to the ego by means of acknowledging its existence, you will become inextricably trapped in its vicious grip of [samsaric] bondage. Neither the existence of the ego nor its non-existence should be acknowledged; these or any other, the presence of vrittis in the mind causes the ego to become further tumid and strengthened. The tightrope-walker does not look beneath him whilst he is performing his act; he stares straight ahead.

— Aham Sphurana, page 697