Rather than wasting one's life by racing around seeking sense pleasures and dancing with the intoxication of them, the wiser course is to seek, through consciousness, one's real nature and live merged in it, obtaining the ultimate benefit in the Heart.

You people who go flying like birds to one holy Siva shrine after another, not realizing that Siva is dwelling within you! Supreme Sivam is the consciousness that has subsided and focused itself, without the slightest movement, in the Heart.

Rather than allowing the mind to spread outwards, like the sail of a ship, to be ruined by the strong winds of the objects of sense, it is wisdom to dive deep and enter the Heart in order to attain the state of stillness, and [there] be like an anchor that sinks deep and lies settled on the broad ocean's bed.

— Guru Vachaka Kovai 188 - 191