Readers would have guessed by now that Bhagavan had occult powers just like siddha purushas. Bhagavan himself once said that he moved in different lokas simultaneously and that he lived in different forms in the different lokas.
Once Bhagavan revealed that Arunagiri had a vast interior in which even an army battalion could stay and that several yogis performed tapas there. This was something no ordinary mortal could say.
Bhagavan's act of grace in appearing to Ganapati Muni at Tiruvottiyur has already been described. Here is one more instance of the same type.
Amritanatha, one of the questioners in Ramana Gita, had been to Haridwar once. He and his friend, Sankarananda, were performing tapas at the Turiya ashram. During a conversation Sankarananda remarked that after Vidyaranya there were no more siddhas and jnanis in the country.
Amritanatha disagreed with this and cited the instance of Bhagavan as a complete siddha and jnani. But Sankarananda did not accept it. Thereupon Amritanatha said,
"You are a devotee of Kartikeya, and we think that Bhagavan is an avatar of Kartikeya. Here is a picture of Bhagavan. You may sit in front of it and perform Kartikeya japa for some time. If you do not experience Bhagavan's grace by then, I am prepared to agree with you."
Taking up the challenge Sankarananda performed Kartikeya japa for half an hour each day. Four days passed. On the fifth day at dusk when Sankarananda was at his japa a great light entered Bhagavan's picture and said to him,
"You are not performing the japa in the proper way."
"What is the proper way?" Sankarananda asked.
"You have to perform pooja and dhyana of the image in Kadhirkamam of Ceylon:" said Ramana in the picture.
Sankarananda said, "I have never been to Kadhirkamam, what does that image look like?"
"Here it is," said the picture and placed the image in front of Sankarananda.
He then began watching the image with one eye and Ramana's picture with the other. Suddenly a lizard fell on his lap and he was distracted. When he turned to look at the image and Ramana neither of them was there. He ran out and made enquiries of some labourers who were working outside the cottage.
They said that nobody had either entered the cottage or left it all the while. By then Amritanatha arrived. Sankarananda asked him,
"Is there any difference between your Swami and the picture?"
The reply was "There is grey hair to mark out the forehead and the rest is dark."
Sankarananda immediately set out for Arunachala and after an eventful journey of some months reached Arunachala and met Bhagavan at Skandasramam. Immediately on seeing him Bhagavan asked him in Malayalam,
"Aren't you coming from Haridwar?" Sankarananda was stunned.
The person he saw at Haridwar was Ramana. But everyone said ? "Ramana never left this place."
Sankarananda authored the Ramanashtakam, stayed at Parrot cave for two months and served Bhagavan. He also wrote Sri Ramanaashtotharasata Namavali and the method of performing Ramana japa and submitted them to Bhagavan along with five slokas. As the climate of Arunachala did not suit him he went back to Uttara Kasi.
The miracles which would take place in the presence of Bhagavan were legion. Here are a few examples.
On a Jayanti day a golden-hued mongoose went up the hill like the rest of the devotees, everyone was watching its movements in amazement. The mongoose first went to Virupaksha cave, saw Palaniswami there and moved about like a long-time friend, inspected the cave and not finding Bhagavan there walked up to Skandasramam. The mongoose passed by the people and went close to Bhagavan. After he caressed it, the mongoose sat on his lap for some time and went inside the ashram and came out. During meal time the mongoose walked up and down gravely as if inspecting everything. It did not partake of any food but after a while moved out in the southern direction of the hill but not down the hill.
On one occasion when Bhagavan was coming down the hill to go on a giri-pradakshina, suddenly he experienced that the sky was waist-high and that the stars were revolving round him. On another occasion, while on a giri pradakshina at Gautama Ashrama Bhagavan experienced six stars going round the hill one after another. Similarly on another occasion of giri-pradakshina a brilliant light enveloped Bhagavan's party of about fifteen persons and stayed that way for a few minutes and disappeared. This was seen by everyone.
While Bhagavan and his party were resting at the Adi Annamalai temple on one occasion somebody reciting the Sama Veda was heard. But nobody, not even Bhagavan, saw the singer.
Some devotees of Bhagavan said to him: "Bhagavan, you often say that the Heart is on the right side of the chest but we do not experience it." Bhagavan invited them to touch his Heart on the right side of the chest. Each one felt three palpitations and an interval thereafter. They also felt a new energy surging in them.
Ashramites had innumerable experiences of Bhagavan's miracles, even in relatively minor matters. But Bhagavan would be totally unconcerned about them all.

~ Sri Ramana Leela,
Chapter : 48