D: What is the use of samadhi and does thought subsist

M: Samadhi alone can reveal the Truth. Thoughts cast a
veil over Reality, and so It is not realised as such in
states other than samadhi.
In samadhi there is only the feeling ‘I AM’ and no
thoughts. The experience ‘I AM’ is being still.

D: How can I repeat the experience of samadhi or the
stillness that I obtain here?

M: Your present experience is due to the influence of the
atmosphere in which you find yourself. Can you have
it outside this atmosphere? The experience is spasmodic.
Until it becomes permanent, practice is necessary.

D: One has at times vivid flashes of a consciousness
whose centre is outside the normal self, and which
seems to be all-inclusive. Without concerning
ourselves with philosophical concepts, how would
Bhagavan advise me to work towards getting,
retaining and extending those rare flashes? Does
abhyasa in such experience involve retirement?

M: Outside! For whom is the inside or outside? These
can exist only so long as there are the subject and
object. For whom are these two again? On
investigation you will find that they resolve into the
subject only. See who is the subject; and this enquiry
leads you to pure Consciousness beyond the subject.
The normal self is the mind. This mind is with
limitations. But pure Consciousness is beyond
limitations, and is reached by investigation as above

Getting: The Self is always there. You have only to remove
the veil obstructing the revelation of the Self.

Retaining: Once you realise the Self, it becomes your direct
and immediate experience. It is never lost.

Extending: There is no extending of the Self, for it is as
ever, without contraction or expansion.

Retirement: Abiding in the Self is solitude. Because there
is nothing alien to the Self. Retirement must be
from some one place or state to another. There is
neither the one nor the other apart from the Self. All
being the Self, retirement is impossible and

Abhyasa is only the prevention of disturbance to the
inherent peace. You are always in your natural State
whether you do abhyasa or not.... To remain as you
are, without question or doubt, is your natural State.

From Maharshi’s Gospel