*Sri Ramana gives Rama Darsan *
In May 1933, on my 36th birthday,
after the usual bath and prayers,
I sat in Sri Bhagavan’s presence in a pensive mood.
I addressed a prayer in the Tamil Viruttam style to Sri Bhagavan, complaining:
“O Bhagavan, I have completed three and half decades,
and yet have not had the experience of the real You.
Pray let me have this day the touch of Your Grace.’’
Handing over this slip of paper I prostrated to Him.
Bhagavan bade me sit down and gazed steadily at me;
I was still in a pensive and meditative mood.
All of a sudden I lost body-consciousness,
and was absorbed in Sri Maharshi.
I was turned inward,
and the voice of Sri Bhagavan bade me see whatever I desired.
I felt that if I could have the darshan
of Sri Rama my life would have been fruitful,
as I was very much devoted to Sri Rama.
I had then immediately a darshan of Sri Rama, with Sita,
Lakshmana, Bharata, Satrugna and Hanuman.
The ecstasy of the vision defied description;
I simply sat on, with Maharshi perhaps gazing on me without my being aware of His gaze.
Two hours may thus have passed in pin-drop silence, lost in the vision, until it vanished.
I prostrated at the feet of Sri Maharshi,
with tears of ecstasy in my eyes and my hairs standing on end.
To Bhagavan’s enquiry I replied that I of course had seen my dear Rama.

~ Leaves from the Diary of T. K. Sundaresa Iyer