Refusal of a personal Enlightenment for the sake of service to another.
If you feel that Deliverance has come to you, then tell it: "Go to the one who requires you, and I shall serve the Dharma and sangha without hopes and fears".
Be as humble as a bunch of grass thrown on road. Don't think much of yourself. Saints say: "Who not a fool before the Lord?" Do not give value to your experiences, concern yourself about them as you would dirt. To overestimate the experiences is to underestimate God, who is always above any experiences.
Think less of yourself, of your Enlightenment, or another's Enlightenment, or what you think of yourselves and others, and what others think of you. Think more about God, about Dattatreya. Remember that to be a monk means, first and foremost, to possess faith and compassion.
Do not give any value to any of your own ideas - it's like a dream within a dream, with God above them. However, it will be proper to keep the ideas that are harmonious with words of saints and sacred texts. Always remember the Creed and the Shelter, having put them above the "I".
Remember that the ego isn’t worthy of entry into the transcendental world. Remember that Maya never sleeps, and your weapon is Faith. Faith and fidelity are above the mind.