The ‘I amness’ is pulsating ‘I am, I am’. The feeling of ‘I amness’
is there because of the essence of the food body and vital breath,
when these are gone the pulsation of ‘I amness’ will not be there.
Beingness goes into no-beingness.

Because of the knowledge ‘I am’ we conduct all activities. In the
morning when you wake up you get the first guaranty, that
conviction of ‘I am’. Then because you are not in a position to
sustain or tolerate that ‘I amness’ you bestir yourself. You get up and move around here and there and the activity starts.

That attention of ‘I amness’ is always there in the waking state, but
we are not alert to watch it. There is no other attention to be
followed. Be attentive to that attention ‘I am’.