The person is merely the result of misunderstanding.

In reality, there is no such thing.

Feelings, thoughts and actions race
before the watcher in endless succession,
leaving traces in the brain and
creating an illusion of continuity.

A reflection of the watcher in the mind
creates the sense of 'I am'
and the person acquires an apparently
independent existence.

In reality there is no person,
only the watcher identifying himself
with the 'I' and the 'mine'.

The teacher tells the watcher:
you are not this, there is nothing
of yours in this,
except the little point of 'I am',
which is the bridge between
the watcher and his dream.

I am this, I am that' is dream,
while pure 'I am' has the stamp
of reality on it.

You have tasted so many things
- all came to naught.

Only the sense 'I am' persisted - unchanged.

Stay with the changeless
among the changeful,
until you are able to go beyond.

Source: I AM THAT