The Self is like a powerful hidden magnet within us.

It draws us gradually to itself,
though we imagine
we are going to it of our own accord.
When we are near enough,
it puts an end to our other activities,
makes us still,
and then swallows up
our own personal current,
thus killing our personality.
It overwhelms the intellect
and over floods the whole being.
We think we are meditating upon it
and developing towards it,
whereas the truth is
that we are as iron filings
and it is the Atman-magnet
that is pulling us
towards itself.

Thus the process of finding Self
is a form of Divine Magnetism.
It is necessary to practise meditation
frequently and regularly
until the condition induced
becomes habitual and permanent
throughout the day.
Therefore meditate.

~ Conscious Immortality, Ch.14.