There is nothing more beautiful then this Being
The happiness of all beings combined
is not one millionth the happiness of Being.
Thought cannot trespass into its purity,
not even the “I” thought can enter.
Don’t think or understand, just stay as thus.
Keep in tune with the source and all actions will be correct.
If you don’t there will be trouble no matter what you do.
With arrogance of ego there is no skillfulness
and without arrogance everything is skillful
Just as space in a room is not affected by how much furniture is in the room so space is not affected by activity or by mind or by thought. You are Space, do not touch the furniture in this space, which means keep quiet, do not mentate, do not activate thoughts. If thoughts arise allow them to come and go, but don’t hold on to them or let them land. Do not touch “I am the body.” Instead the first and last thought must be, “I am pure infinite Consciousness, I am Love itself.”
Know the truth of this, and not just the words!
The Truth is all what is.