There’s only one way to become liberated, and that is to awaken, just to awaken, just wake up, just as you do in the morning when you wake up from sleep. You were in a dream world and you woke up. In the same way you awaken to your Self. The way to do this is to be at satsang, to surrender to the Self. When you surrender to the Self you’re surrendering to life. You’re no longer thinking “This has to work out this way. This has to work out that way. This has to be improved. I’ve got to read this book. I’ve got to go see this teacher.” True surrender is allowing your heart, your spiritual heart, to take over and you have nothing to do and nothing to say. All of the practices are incidental. Sadhana is important to make you come to the realization that you have to wake up. That’s all sadhana is for. It’s for no other reason. Sadhana, spiritual practices, do not wake you up by themselves. They have no awakening powers. But they put your mind to rest. When your mind is at rest you awaken.