Treatise on worldly blissful life, celestial bliss life and Supreme blissful life.

The worldly life pleasures and bliss limits the development of the body and mind with and only gives a short period of enjoyment.
The best worldly life is the one of a good union: husband and wife, with intelligent and balance children.
All family members are avoiding any sort of disability in body, mind, enjoyment and knowledge.

The qualities of such a family is Love, Compassion, discipline, self control, endurance, truth speaking and purity of thought and action with bring respect.

Celestial bliss life is a little superior in body and mind enjoyment and gives some occult powers.

Supreme blissful life is manifested trough every thing: the body, the mind, the cosmos enjoyment and the Grace power, this without any impediment of time space, manner and measure.

The glory of blissful life is total transformation of the body, skin, nerves, bones, muscles, blood, semen…

Asuddha maya elemental body transform into a golden pure elemental body of infinite fineness and is shining both: visible and ultimately invisible.
The transform body could not be affected or attack by stones, soil or any solid matter, both internally or externally.

- The water could not immerse the body externally or internally, the body can’t get wet.
- The fire cannot burn the body .
- The air can’t move the body or affect it externally.
- Even ether can’t be infuse externally or internally.
- Gravitation as no effect on the body. He can float any where.
- No cosmic rays can affect such a body.
This transformation is only possible with de descent of the Vast Grace light or Arut Perum Jothi into the body bringing extra sensual perception of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvision, clairkinesis.

The hands and legs can move and act any where…

There is complete mastery over maya or illusion.
With this body every thing is possible, it is the embodiment of God upon earth.
Like milk contains butter when you churn it and comes out, it is the same with the melted soul which manifest Grace.

At the beginning of creation all human being had the same faculties of Knowledge, Divine expression of Love, Compassion and enjoyment.

They forgot God commend and discipline and in consequence a second creation came where all Being had to go through the law of karma.

Different types of persons and bodies came to birth according to their past memories, effort and action taken to fulfill God’ Law.

God is compassion and justice and ultimately He gives the perfect bliss for all.
All the pass experiences are hidden by the multi color screen Chit Shakti.

Arut Perum Jothi
Arut Perum Jothi
Thanip Perung Karunai
Arut Perum Jothi