Visitor: What is the use of chanting Guru Mantra?

Maharaj: "For overall purification including that of the five Pranas(vital breaths). Although the vital breath is only one, it is sub-divided into five Pranas, based on their function. The pure seeker realises the Self. "

V: Why are real seekers very few in number?
M: "Only a few have the inner urge. It cannot be developed externally. One who receives the divine grace of the Self meets one's Sadguru. First, there is Atmakrupa, the grace of the Self, then Gurukrupa, the grace of the Guru, and finally Self-realization."

V: Is Atma(Self) one or many different forms?
M: "Atma is one but it expresses as 'I Am' in different forms. All the five elements come together for this sense of being to appear. For Self-Realisation one must hug 'I Am' by itself, that is, to remain without thoughts. That is called meditation. Forgetting the world, to hold its soul, that is, 'I Am'."