When the soul gets on the pass of Dharma it follows internal Asceticism. Asceticism changes the soul. It unties the karmic knots, untwine strings of its destiny, and allows the sacred light (brahma-djoti) shine from within. The soul learns the taste of true freedom in this light. Its shining attracts saints and gods and helps to get spiritual support from them.
Being inspired, the soul gleefully gets high in spirit and internal light shines to it's road. Secret tracks of Siddhis get open to it. The star ways of gods and thousand heavenly roads illuminate its pass. With admiration it observes the paradise monasteries and is welcomed by inhabitants of heaven.
But, they say, the soul should not thirst for rises into heavenly halls now. The real purpose of the Soul is to become the faultless soldier of spirit and the attendant of a divine cohort of heavenly troops of Light, to do the service to Anugraha, clarifying Force of the Universe, gods, saints and Supreme Absolute, carrying out of Its will here on the ground.