While speaking of the brain and the Heart, Sri Bhagavan recalled an incident of old days as follows:
Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni once argued that the brain was the most important centre and Sri Bhagavan maintained that the Heart was even more so. There were others watching the discourse. A few days after Sri Bhagavan received a letter containing a short poem in English on that discourse from a young boy, N.S. Arunachalam, who had not yet matriculated.
That poem is remarkable for its poetic imagination. Sri Bhagavan, Kavyakantha, and the assemblage of other persons are represented as the Heart, the brain and the body respectively; and again as the sun, the moon and the earth also.
The light from the sun is reflected on the moon and the earth is illumined. Similarly the brain acts by consciousness derived from the Heart and the body is thus projected.
This teaching of Sri Bhagavan is found in Ramana Gita also. The Heart is the most important centre from which vitality and light radiate to the brain, thus enabling it to function.
The vasanas are enclosed in the Heart in their subtlest form, later flowing to the brain which reflects them highly magnified, corresponding to a cinema-show at every stage. That is how the world is said to be nothing more than a cinema-show.
Sri Bhagavan also added: Were the vasanas in the brain instead of in the Heart they must be extinguished if the head is cut off so that reincarnations will be at an end. But it is not so. The Self obviously safeguards the vasanas in its closest proximity, i.e. within Itself in the Heart, just as a miser keeps his most valued possessions (treasure) with himself and never out of contact.
Hence the place where the vasanas are, is the Self, i.e., the Heart, and not the brain (which is only the theatre for the play of the vasanas from the greenhouse of the Heart.)

~ Talk 402