You are here because there is a desire in you to realise the Self. This desire does not arise randomly or accidentally in some people and not in others. It is there because of the punyas you have accumulated from previous births, punyas that may have come from meditation, charitable work, and so on. These punyas will manifest as a desire for freedom, a desire to do earnest sadhana, a desire to find a good teacher in whose presence the truth will be taught and revealed. If someone is destined to be a jnani in this life, it means that he had come to this final birth with a mountain of punyas to his credit. These punyas will take him to the real Guru, to a real satsang, and in this environment he will do sadhana and achieve the goal.
If one does not have this mountain of punyas from the past, there will be no desire for freedom, no desire to look for a Guru who can deliver it. Such a person may meet a Guru and that Guru may even give him good advice, but the determined resolve to put that advice in to effect will not be there. The fierce determination to succeed and discrimination that allows one to ignore worldly entanglements only arise in those who have accumulated these punyas. Other people may hear the worlds of truth, but although they accept that they are true, the inclination to act on them will not be there.

Source: Final talks