Q: So... there's no magic "poof" to make the ego disappear?

MOOJI: Have you been listening to me all these days? I did not say I sell some "detonator" for the ego. I say first of all you can check the credibility of what you call ego, if this is true or not. And also: what is aware of ego? Simple question. What is aware of ego? And we don't want a quick answer about it. Just invite the question to reveal its possibilities. What are you seeing? You say, "ego comes back". But you are there when it comes back! Ego goes, ego comes back. You are here. What's the problem?

You have this thing, "the ego must go". But ego is not. Have you come to that seeing? Ego is only created itself. It's not easy to see.

Ego comes and goes in some presence which is not going and coming. What would that be?