There is only the one Self.
An unchanging, unmoving silence.
It is not waiting.
And It is not contemplating.
It is not reflecting.
It is not inquiring.
It is not resting.
All this could be perceived as modes of the mind itself.
What is that which is not in gear?
It is not a state.
It is not in between states.
It is not the gap between thoughts.
It is not a gap.
It cannot be done or undone.
For Itself, there is no such thing as practice.
No such thing as contemplators, meditators or attainers of It.
Hidden, yet nothing can hide It.
Revealed, yet nothing can see It.
Self-knowing, yet It is without knowledge.
Self-realised, yet It is without mind.
Blessing itself, yet It is beyond duality.
Being, yet It is beyond being.
Unfathomable, unconquerable, ungraspable.
Who or what is there?
Beyond sin and beyond righteousness.
It announces Itself as the sense 'I am' inside the body.
But It is even beyond 'I' and beyond body.
Ungraspable, yet attention and the pure intellect
may recognise and acknowledge It.
Being revealed but It is not revealing.
Recognising Its all-pervasiveness, joy fills the Heart.
Intelligence dances.
Peace is very happy.
The universes prostrate themselves,
yet their Lord they cannot see.