The light of one human being who discovers the Truth has been lighting the human kingdom for thousands of years.
Such is the power of a human being who realizes the Truth of who they are.
The whole human specie is in a difficulty because of ignorance and arrogance.
Who is responsible for it?
Consciousness is playing this game.
Human beings are the expression of Consciousness, the effects of Consciousness.
When you know who you are, you know that all is That...when you know that all is That, your actions come from your heart.
All these efforts cannot change the world, because the human ego is arrogant and selfish, what is great about the human being is their that we are the Timeless portraying itself as time and change.
The world is not a dark painting, it's still a beautiful painting, and the picture changes according to your present light.
As you grow more aware of the Truth, you will see the glory of the universe and of God inside everything you see.