I once believed that everyone had to like me,
but now this belief is no more.
I once believed I had to be the best person
I could be in order to be free, but no more.
I once believed that I had to first do everything
I needed to do in the world,
and only when I had done that and I was satisfied
could I turn my attention to Self-discovery.
I once believed that.
I once believed that it was up to someone else
to make me happy.
That seems a long time ago.
I once believed that I was not worthy,
but i see now that was nonsense.
I once believed I was not ready,
but I see now it's not true.
I once believed that I had to practice more,
meditate longer, be more sincere,
but I saw it's not like that.
Life is not so strenuous or cruel.
I believed so many things that were not true.
Then i realised nothing obstruct the freedom I am.