You would never go and sleep in your enemy's house. You'd have one eye open, one eye closed, because there's no trust and because there's fear. Then, how can there be love in such a place? Love comes when you don't have a "trading love." You have a love in spite of people judging you. You have a love for them but not for their "person". You see, you think you have to love a person's "person". And that is very difficult, meaning the idea someone has about their self. Someone once said, I am not seeing the world as it really is. I am seeing the world as I am. Everything begins in your "I Amness". As you come to recognize, to go beyond the superficial facade of a "person", and move back into the Place of Presence inside yourself, then all your fears will go. Knowledge will come. Silence will come, or they will appear to come. They've always been there in fact. Let's say they're unveiled rather than they come. They may be experienced as though they come, because you feel like you're discovering them again for the first time.