Questioner: “I would like to know if you could guide me, as a mother.”

Moojibaba: “Your establishment in the Isness will provide all the guidance you will need. Because the guidance will arise spontaneously. It will be so beautiful, it will be so powerful that when you compare to guiding from the person (points to mind), you’ll say “no, no, no that’s just not working.” It will come spontaneously from inside you. Don’t panic, don’t be rushed, just be again from the Isness and you’ll hear it, you’ll understand what you’ll need to do. It will become clearer and clearer, it will become very joyful. You will be the best mother, in fact, because you have totally the support of the Self. You are one with it, you are in harmony with it… and you’ll find that if you don’t determine something like “ok I want to be this kind of..” No, just be present. Then you’re in natural time with the universe. And your responses being spontaneous and intuitive will always correspond to what is needed appropriately, to the needs of the moment. Yes. Ok maybe I cannot say ‘perfect’ because we are still speaking about phenominality, but as good as it can be, you see. And you will have the sense also inside that it is in alignment with the truest of Truth that is present within you.”

September 2017
Zmar Retreat