If the mind is in our control, no bad experience can make us sorrowful or depressed.Today most of the happiness that we find around us are fake. In society, we see four things spreading like epidemics:
i) Wealth becoming more important than values.
ii) Beauty becoming more important than goodness.
iii) Speed becoming more important than direction.
iv) Machines becoming more important than people.

Nowadays when children cry most parents immediately give the cell phone to them. Though this will temporarily stop the children from crying, if they are not exposed to spiritual qualities they will cry for a lifetime.These qualities give them the strength to face life's hardships.

To know the reality of life one requires spiritual thoughts. Spirituality is a quest about one's own essence and existence. Selflessness is the law of nature and life.Love and wealth give more happiness to the giver than to the recipient.That is why those who have no control over pride and selfishness do not know the joy of life or enjoy life properly. Because they are trying to live against the law of creation.

Our life should be built on compassion. Let our eyes have compassion, Let the heads bow down in reverence, Let the hands be in service of others, Let the legs go on the moral path, Let the ears be prepared to hear the grief of the afflicted. Let the tongue always speak tender words and truth.

Amma's Satsang (given in Chennai on 29th January, 2020)