Questioner: I can see that I am one with everything...

Mooji: You cannot see your unicity. Not phenomenally. You can somehow know in the most intimate intuitive sense that you are all-inclusive. That all knowledge, all knowingness, must be arising out of and within your own self. There is a knowingness which cannot be put down on paper. It is a felt knowingness.

I can see what I am not. I can see the objects that I am not. They are connected with me, they appear in me. They maybe appear to be outside of my own self, but I cannot say I am held in them, because I am here to observe them. So what can I be?

This discovery - not speculation - has to happen. Actually, finally, and ultimately - and ultimately does not mean "in time". It does not mean "eventually". It means at the center, at the core, which is most intimate, that within which even intimacy is known. Can that be known? Non-phenomenally there is knowingness that I am That. But be careful! Something is quick to say, "Yes, yes, this is what I am." And this evidence must be rejected, and the one who is giving this evidence must be rejected.

And there must be the discernment to know, "This is false", to know that it is the intellect that is saying this. Because when this truth is felt, you are struck into silence. Therefore I say, though you seek a conceptual answer, perhaps a response of a different kind will take place.

Tiruvannamalai, India, 9 January 2009

edited by Sri