What is here?
Don't go into any direction now, because in any direction you go, the world is there and you say: ‘No, I don’t want to go there, I am already coming from there.’
Don't do anything now.
It is not a doing.
You have been doing enough already.
You are here. Simply abandon all intentions and remain quiet.
And don't go into your head.
Don't let him trouble you.
You have passed him now.
‘Stuck’ is only something to do with your mind.
There is something that can never be stuck.
It doesn't know this word or concept.
It can never go anywhere.
It's earlier than any concept
and it is timeless.
The waking state does not touch it.
The dream state does not effect it.
The deep sleep state does not alter it.
It is you, your real nature and being.
And It does not have to appear with the sound of trumpets.
It does not have to come on a sunny day.
It cannot leave, because it did not come.
It is timelessly here.
This, It is revealing.
It is revealed.
It is revealing itself to itself in the form of pure Being.
Know, you are This.