Nobody is excluded from the realisation of the Self.

The Self is the fact of who we are, but first we must overcome the fiction of who we are—the personal self.
And remember: there is a deep loyalty to our identity, self-image, self-portrait, to the idea we have of who we are.
This has to be seen, acknowledged and transcended.

However, something very powerful is here working on your behalf. Grace and the ability to inquire into the real nature of Self brings the recognition of Truth alive inside the Heart.
It is due to this that all the previously distracting influences of the psychological mind are subdued or bypassed, allowing the attention and mind to be brought again into synchronicity with your Heart.

And it is all very simple, actually.

It is simpler than simple, because the true Self is timelessly present and already perfect in itself.

That which I am pointing to needs no human help to be what it is. Satsang and specifically, self-inquiry, is the means to find and confirm this for yourself.