Be aware now of that effortless silence and space.
You don’t know if it is inside or outside.
There is no edge, no boundary for your being.
Confirm that.
In this instant, in this moment,
observe that your being is not in a state of waiting.
The pure Self is not an event. If there is an event,
it is the event of recognizing this ever-present fact.
That already IS.
Do not purchase the futuristic promises from the mind.
Once you have said 'Yes' inside your heart,
the whole universe supports your seeing,
because it is natural.
Don't try strenuously to figure things out.
Pay attention instead only to that space - like being,
which is beyond time and change,
but in who's presence such phenomena are perceived.
Devote as much attention to staying conscious of the Self until it becomes effortless for you.