My Heart is so full with the joy of the holy spirit.
It is filled with it.
If something tremendous was not destined to happen here,
I would not come to Rishikesh. I would not have been made to take this journey at this time. For consciousness never waste it's expression.
Every day I am looking for You.
Every single day.
Not one of you should miss this chance because whatever else you are searching for cannot compare with the discovery of your own true nature. Take my word for it.
You must win your Self back from the grip of delusion.
Have this winning attitude.
Grace is assisting you to come to a place like this.
Because of the power and directness of the teaching and pointing, you will come up against forces that work in the opposite direction to keep you small-minded and identified only as a 'person'.
The 'person' is only a costume that consciousness wears for a few seasons but now It is growing tired of the complexities and limitations of personhood and longs to come home to it's completeness.
Your Being is naturally happy, so full of joy, so totally content and filled with the presence of God. It really does not need a relationship with the 'person'. Be willing to cut it loose.
Sometimes I feel a bit like a fisherman going out to catch a fish or two with a string, a hook and a little worm.
But here I come with a great net with the intention to catch as many as is possible for it is feeling in my heart like here is a harvest for freedom.
We have to listen with the universal Heart, not just with the limited mind.
And you must overcome the serpent's voice.
Whatever power is needed is already there in you.
Use your power of discernment well.
You have been touched by an energy of light and joy, a deep sense of presence has awakened.
It is your fragrance – It is You.
When I point to you, don't think it is not you but someone else.
Believe it is you. It is your turn.
Come with an urgency but not a haste.
Goodness is on your side.
You have total advantage for the goal is already within you.
Yet, something wants to spoil it.
It is the same guy again.
But he can only spoil things with your assistance.
And in the big picture, he is part of the dance of life.
Without him, there is nothing to overcome.
And life is a game of transcendence.
You must be wise not merely clever.
If you want to be happy, no one can stop you.
If you want to be free, nothing can stop you.

Make your choice.