You say you have been having the sense that you are disappearing into space.
When the ‘I’ merges or disappears in that space that you speak about, who are you?
Do you feel any break in your being?
Is there any jerk in experience, like suddenly there is a sense that you have become something else, or is it that you simply stopped becoming? You understand?
When there is no ‘I’, ‘me’, the doer of actions or thinker of thoughts, did you suddenly become the Absolute or isn't it that the ‘I’ as a seemingly tangible entity could no longer be found?
As you come again into your natural state, you will see:I was never the idea I had of who I am. I have always been This. And a joy is there.
It is the most natural and beautiful discovery and you know:I didn’t ‘become’ this, I have always been This.