You will miss what I am saying

It is not you that comes and goes or fades. It is the mind that comes and goes and passes away. Understand, know and be in your true position as the uninvolved witness of all phenomena.

You say you want to get rid of the noise, but you and the noise go together. You have to be you without ‘you’ and all noise will stop. The real You is the formless witness within. The person, the noisy one, is only imagined.

Your true nature is no distance from you. Just recognize what is always here, unconditioned and untouched. From the standpoint of human conditioning, there seems to be a journey.

But from the position of consciousness, this makes no sense at all. Change from the position of personhood to that of presence otherwise you will miss what I am saying.

When, inside your heart, you understand yourself to be consciousness, my words will be very easily understood and assimilated, and delusion will flee