You must win yourself back from so many delusion and misconceptions.
Misconceptions will ruin your life more than anything outside can do.
They will inhibit, suppress, repress and destroy your natural flow.
Give space to what I am sharing with you now.
Many of you are at the beginning of a very beautiful unfolding.
You will find that whatever is happening, something within remains unchanging.
In fact, you are becoming more true the deeper you go inside.
And you are in the most beautiful place for Self-discovery.
For thousands of years human beings have come to places like Rishikesh to discover what you are discovering here today.
You are discovering your true nature, the wealth of your existence.
You are not becoming another tribe.
You are discovering your universal Being.
Thereafter, you can converse with any tribe because you won't be against anyone.
There are forces that may come to pull you back into the old mind-set, into the old identity and it may seem as though you are more safe like that because you will be again walking on familiar ground. But I say no. No. No.
Grace has brought you here to the holy mountain of your own Self.
Stay only Here now. Trust. Grace is carrying you.
You are being taken care of.
Don’t try to figure anything out.
Have no strategies.
Now you are a child in the lap of God.
You don’t tell a child ‘ Look! go out ASAP and get life insurance’.
No, everything is taken care of.
Feel the harmony.
It is like your entire being is held inside a warm embrace and there is a knowing that all is as it should be.
You don’t want anything at all.
Here there is little attraction for past, future or even present.
There is just the sense of joyous presence.

Rishikesh, India, 2015