Sometimes when my heart is full,
brimming with that joy,
something erupts inside, that I want to tell you.
And I think, Should I say such things?
should I say such things?
Should I tell you, that you are the Christ in Jesus?
you are the Buddha in Siddharhta,
that you are Paramatman in Krishna,
or Brahman in Shiva?
Will you merely inflate yourself with this,
or will you drown in this?

So when I refer to you,
I refer to you as the undivideable,
momentarily dreaming.
Are you up for it?
Are you up for being what
you cannot avoid but be?
I don't know.

So I myself bow to that in you,
towards whom these words point.
and which itself has nothing to accomplish,
but whose joy is in recognising itself,
and to be free of delusion.
I bow to that in you.
Bow to that in yourself.