May whatever forces working against your seeing, whatever seems to block you or create disharmony within your being, whatever obstructs your flow for Truth by the power of the living God, may it be driven out, cast aside.
In this moment, you receive the inviting of the holy spirit of Truth
to drive all these things away.
Blessings may be upon those who search for the Truth.
May your denying mind blow away like the nothing it is, like clouds in the wind.
May your Heart embrace the Truth and the true conviction, so that you may know beyond doubt that you are here, timelessly.
May no force on earth come up against your true intention and desire of your Heart.

May the full light of Truth and the blessing of the Supreme Being
enter and protect you from the dark forces of the psychological mind
so that you win Freedom.
May your awakening not sway and become a nostalgia for you, but be established in your Heart for all time.
Wherever you are, let your Heart be open to embrace the all-possible, the Truth, so that you overcome all the sorrows and suffering and find everlasting peace and joy, for this is your natural state, your natural being.
You did not come here for just fleeting experiences, but to be established and rooted in the Truth so that those things that seem to distract your mind now thin away and become nothing for you.
May your light shine brightly in this world...your Heart is the light of this world, don't let your mind hide it.