In our world we know that for most of us,
one of the strongest pulls in life
is to have someone who you can spend your life with.
Someone whose heart resonates with yours,
someone who has love for you as much as
you have love for them.

This is the way that love is often expressed in
the human kingdom.
But love has much broader implications also.
As you come to discover the truth of your own self,
you come to the very source of love.

When you come to the source of love,
your being begins to merge there in that love.
And that love is a universal love,
it is not merely a personal love.
It continues to expand and radiate until it embraces and encompasses the whole world.

This is not merely spiritual fantasy.
You grow in this love because wherever
ego has become redundant or absent,
universal love shines right there, from there.
And it never stops, it never meets a point
beyond which it cannot go.

It is this love that is in the core of every living being
and certainly within every human being.

And this love and truth are not different.
This love and wisdom are not different.
This love and trust are not different.
This love and life are not different.

This love never runs dry.
Outwardly, it may change its form,
but inwardly it is unchanging.

May this love so flower in us all and radiate so powerfully, because, if the world needs something,
it needs to taste this love again.
And every one has this love in you.
If you pray for one person, the power and love that goes into this prayer can be spread for the whole world and it will not drain you.
In fact it will energise you.

This love has many different aspects and facets,
the love we see expressed here is within the great love,
as is the love for your children and for your friends,
the love you have for the things you do in life,
the love for your work, the love for God,
all of this springs from the great love,
from the great Source.