The mind is apparently making someone's life hell
and you call this someone ‘you’.
And this ‘you’ who is suffering from the mind
is now trying to go beyond the mind.
It says, ‘Help me, Mooji, to make this leap.’
But isn't 'making a leap' just another thought arising
in the Awareness which is already here beyond the mind?
Don't miss or edit my pointing.
Be aware of that impersonal field
which is unaffected by the mind-play.
Be one with this Awareness space,
for right here is where all the mind's cunning plays
are exposed as mere imagination.
You will find yourself here as the formless witness.
Feel the pure space of sacred Presence.
Confirm and honour your discovery. Just be here.
Now tell me: can you suffer, in any way, being one with This?
Can It, your true Self, be affected by thoughts?
Are there two separate things here,
such as yourself and Awareness?
You are in the perfect place to answer these questions.
Do not be distracted. Complete your inquiry.
Set your heart free. Here is the Sage's abode and Self.