You are under Grace, so insights will spontaneously come,
revelations will come, recognition will come.
For many people when a powerful insight comes,
a powerful realisation or recognition comes—what happens?
It gets mixed with some ego, but this is not immediately seen.
You don’t recognise the poisoned cocktail
and you say, ‘Ah yes, I’ve got it.’
You swallow some ego, and the two will stay together.
The two will stay together unnoticed for a time.
You may feel that you are doing well,
you are speaking very well with people, but it won't go any further
because the weeds have grown up together with the flowers
and they start to choke the flower.

When an insight comes, be very careful.
Just be grateful inside your heart and say,
‘Thank you. Thank you.’
Don’t become anything or think you are special now,
and the true knowledge will blossom inside you.

If you mix ego with the realisation,
it will gradually siphon off your energy
and you don’t grow in power and wisdom
because arrogance claims it all.

In the beginning ego is very easy to slip in unnoticed.
This is due to your naivety and perhaps some arrogance.
These makes you blind. Once you are aware of it,
you begin to see the ego's work much more easily.
Once he gets exposed he cannot hide anymore.
Then you can easily see him coming,
‘Ah here comes ego again. He wants to take credit again.’
Where do we go with all this? Don’t turn it into a theatre!
Stay in the neutral state as Awareness itself.
That is all! Keep doing this and that spell will be broken.