You are not here to watch thoughts
Stay empty
Here is a secret
Knowing what you are
Every thought can come
But nothing sticks
Knowing what I am
I need no walls I need no room
Everything come, everything go
I remain the same - always
When you see with the true eyes, with the true heart
You may say, all things come and go
Situations, circumstances they come and go
Time passes, but I never change
Age after age I am here - the unchanging one
Before first, I am
You will know this
When you leave everything
Including the idea of yourself
You will find this truth
Beyond even conviction it prevails in you
But when?
The one who is open - receives
The one who is hungry - eats
The one who doubt - delays
The one who sees - is free
Time after time I share this with you
But you send me away
Choosing the ephemeral, the momentary
You fall under the delusion that you are time
Therefore you passing also
Everything about this day will pass
Except one
Find this one who will not pass
Who will not become yesterday
I am eternally present in the heart of the one who recognise me
Says the Lord and
I will never forsake you
The one who came here truly for This
Will not leave with this
But you will leave as This
You will remain as This
Choicelessly you’ll see
For my pointings and my words have come alive in you
Even these tears— clouds passing
I do not prevent myself from experiencing anything
Let everything come
It is my dance
But nothing carries me away
For in the field of the phenomenal I alone prevail
As the unchanging one
Find this truth in yourself
And now it's not a time to concentrate upon anything at all
As I said, hold no image in your mind
Remain as the imageless one
Is this a task?
Find a secret of perceiving all things
Experiencing whatever comes and goes
But never being carried away
Enjoy without attachment
Let the senses do their work in their own laws
Play inside your infinite stillness
But tell no one
Then you will know, my words will pass, may pass
But where they come from
Will never pass
They will never grow old
They’ll never need to be refreshed
This is the ocean of the Lord Supreme
This short time together is about to come to an end
But what I’ve been sharing with you
Will never end
Blissful is the one in whose heart this is seen
All things will leave except this
Know this, confirm this, be one with this
That is all you need to know in a nutshell
Bless each and everyone of you
That the mirror of these words will reveal to you your true place
Your unchanging nature
Find and confirm this and be happy and free

—Jai Papaji

(fragment of the guided meditation; online retreat 28.06.20)