You say you want to find the Truth, that all you want now is freedom, but that it is so difficult. So I ask you now: Who is speaking here?
Who is speaking in your name? Is this really you?
Can it be the Truth that is saying all this?
The one that tries to get there, this voice nobody questions…
Something is saying, ‘I’m trying and I’m trying and I just can’t find It.’
But there is awareness of this voice, you see? It is seen.
At the final stages of the inquiry, these voices appear as the last bodyguards of this glass house of ego, this crystal palace. But they too, are seen.
The one that says, ‘All I want is to be that consciousness,’
and everybody goes: ‘So do we.’ Isn’t all this seen?
And where is it seen from, and by whom?
Verbal or mental answers cannot do. Answers are seen also.
Questions also are seen.
Actions are seen.
Desire is seen.
Body is seen.
The sense of stuckness is seen.
Blank is seen.
‘I’ is also seen.
I could go on and on like this.
Which means what?
You have to be evolved enough to recognise and confirm that you, the Seer, is nothing tangible, nothing phenomenal. What are you expecting to happen? What are you waiting for? Whatever that is or could be, will it be seen?