Don't try to hold onto your partner, or even onto the idea of relationship itself.
The relationships of those who allow each other space are the most beautiful of all.
As you are coming into your own strength, you make the best partner for the right person, because you intuitively know when space is needed for either of you.
In this way, you may grow and evolve through your own self awareness.
By having respect for each other's ways, even people of different religions, cultural backgrounds, or temperaments may find compatibility.
But there must first be the underlying openness.
If the relationship is not all closed up all locked in, if there is space, it can be very beautiful.
When people honour Truth, their discerning powers are sharpened, and they very quickly acknowledge what is true and discard what is untrue.
In a way, they become each other's gurus.
They don't put their egoic natures first.
They admit their mistakes, but they don't give in simply to avoid conflict.
They don't need to defend their feelings, nor do they need to make too much of them.
Rather, they just uphold Truth as it arises inside their hearts.
It is not difficult to love like this, and it is a beautiful way of being...