If you are listening earnestly, what you need to hear you have already heard

Now you must chew and digest the food in your mouth

Be with it, be with it

It’s not so much you have to do

Stay with it, trust my word

Prove them within yourself if they support your seeing or not

You don’t have to keep knocking from door to door and jumping about

Simply stay here

You don’t have to stir up your mind about these things

You have come, through The Invitation, to a place of real silence and stillness

The mind wants you to put your hand up to keep asking questions which you have far left behind, and you believe they are still important

Buy if you put your attention to what you have discovered, it is beyond all the questions you can ask right now

So just honour that seeing

Be with it, be with it

Sometimes, someone would come to a place of deep and profound insight, a revelation in consciousness, and I would say to them like this also "go home, get inside your sleeping bag, zip yourself in, and don’t come out, marinate, be like the jacket potato, marinate in this, don’t go anywhere, don’t call any friends or nothing, just stay with it, stay with it"

There is immense Joy

Just stay with it, stay with it, stay with it

At the right time, it will throw you out the bag, and then you can go about your business

Stay with it

Learn to value the things which are truly of value

Come to see them, that which serves your life, serves your search for Truth and put your attention there…

That is wisdom

That is using your life well

That is the best product of the vital force

- Moojibaba

26 February 2018
Lisbon Retreat
"This Love is God"