In all your experience, you cannot count awareness
as something within your experience.
Everything else becomes something,
a number, a thing, a form inside the awareness,
but awareness cannot be counted as ‘my experience’.
It is there before the ‘you’ you currently take yourself to be.
If you take you to be one, number one,
meaning your phenomenal existence,
then you are one, and number two comes easily.
Two, three, four, five, six, one million can be counted upon
because you touched and identify with one.
And this ‘one’ has caused all the trouble in the world.
So you be zero.
When the population count of this world is taken,
you will not be counted. You be zero. Don’t tell anyone this,
because no one will understand, even in the spiritual world.
But there are those who have been prepared
in the heart to understand what I’m speaking now.
If they swallow my words they will be saved.