It's like the divine flower is inside the heart of each being
And the life must provide an opportunity through the right nourishment that this flower opens completely
But more and more as it opens, it’s not just opening for you, its like it’s opening for the whole world
Universal flower

And we want to see it blossom... in our time, our season, this is our season, our golden age, we must take it like this
Why now? Is it for later? No it’s for now, it’s your turn, It’s your chance

You are this flower
You are this flower and you are also the witness to this flower flowering
That is the grand possibility of human life

That why I’m here to tell you that you are this light... this light of consciousness, the real light of the world
And what is the life for? It’s for somehow releasing this light

Why are you here now? Because it is your turn, that is my attitude