Sometimes we compare what we perceive as the worst in others with the best in our self, as we perceive. Judgements are based like that and they come from the ego identity, you know. And for a long time its very difficult to stop that happening, until you begin to feel the pain of it, and you feel the claustrophobia of this way of thinking and being. So it happens. I don't know if there's anyone who has never judged, but you can move on beyond that... Everything comes to remind you of your Silence. Still, judgements come and they will come, they will come. Don't try so hard to stop judgements from coming. Only remember what you ARE. When you remember what you ARE, not just as a kind of trick but through direct recognition, then these judgements will not have a place to hold, or not just judgements but other forms of negative functioning of the mind. They will become more distant because you are learning and discovering how to be with your Self. That's the most important one to be with comfortably. When you're comfortable with your Self, you are automatically in the Presence of God. When you are comfortable with your Self, love flows toward other beings very easily; compassion and joy. Its such a wonderful discovering, you know, that doesn't end. That's why I say, "This is a fruit that is tasting sweeter and sweeter every day, but never becomes over sweet". This is the fruit of your Spirit and I am happy when people can come and taste for yourself.

The Highest Question That Will Dispel Illusion
May 5th, 2019