Without the intrusiveness of the personal mind, life is observed to be unfolding in a natural and harmonious way. Do not waste time merely wishing for things to get better. The whole world is doing this and so no one is really happy. We miss the true life. In fact, happiness arises when you stop chasing for something other than your own pure nature. And this happiness remains with you.
The universal tendency in human beings is to seek lasting happiness in the field of names and forms, a transient field. This is really a form of avoidance and a distraction from what is timelessly present and ever perfect within us, our divine nature and Self. Ignorance of the Truth is the main cause of misery.
Avoid expectations and especially be aware of the tendency to wait for 'next' as a promise to happiness, the next good feeling, the next adventure or invitation from the mind, in short, the next experience that, in fact, does quite the contrary: it pulls your attention away from pure presence, the seat of joy.
No one has ever experienced 'the future'. Reflect. It is all imagination. How to transform these tendencies Simply, begin by paying attention to the natural thought-free state, the pure sense of existence, the feeling ‘I Am’ that is naturally present in you. Shift the attention away from the mind-traffic and let it rest in impersonal awareness.
Keep doing this each time the attention goes out towards sense objects or obsessive self-interest. Self-attention is the beginning of real Self-discovery. It returns the attention time and again to its source, the one Self. Get used to staying in your natural and neutral state of being. It is a state of emptiness.
Do not be afraid of this. In fact, get increasingly used to being empty. This emptiness and joy are synonymous. They are one. This is really what is meant by the saying, ‘to enjoy one’s Self. It is a state of unfading contentment, wisdom, love and happiness.