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Кто сл;ишком усерден в малом, тот обычно становится неспособным к великому.

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Силу у;му придают упражнения, а не покой.

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Нет ни;чего более деморализующего, чем маленький, но постонянный заработок,

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Тот, кто ищет миллионы, весьма редко их находит, но зато тот , кто их не ищет, - не находит никогда!

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Мысли;ть по шаблону - вернейший способ завалить дело.

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Norman Cousins

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What was most significant about the lunar voyage was not that men set foot on the moon but that they set eye on the earth.

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George Moore

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Reality can destroy the dream; why shouldn't the dream destroy reality?

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Isaac Bashevis

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Doubt is part of all religion. All the religious thinkers were doubters.

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Paul Johannes Tillich

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Doubt isn't the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith.

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Doubt is the vestibule through which all must pass before they can enter into the temple of wisdom.

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Hans Taeger

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The double truth of feeling totally unimportant and at the same time of uppermost importance is of great help in mastering life in it's various aspects.

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From 620 wise quotes collection i posted.

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To do is to be."
- Socrates
"To be is to do."
- Plato
"The way to do is to be."
- Lao-Tzu

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Jeremy Narby

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...there are approximately 125 billion miles of DNA in a human body -- your personal DNA is long enough to wrap around the earth 5 million times.

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Your work is to discover your purpose and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.

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Marcel Proust

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The real voyage of discovery lies not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes"

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Joseph Joubert

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The mind's direction is more important than its progress.

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Robert Zend

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People have one thing in common: they are all different

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Perry Paxton

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Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come

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Kalu Rinpoche

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Just as the mute person has trouble describing the taste of sugar, we have trouble describing the nature of mind

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Ralph Emerson

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Because there are no phenomena which are not dependent arisings, there are no phenomena which are not void

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All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.

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Arthur Schopenhauer

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After your death you will be what you were before your birth

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Nathaniel Hawthorne

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We sometimes congratulate ourselves at the moment of waking from a troubled dream; it may be so the moment after death

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Hans Taeger

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It helps a lot looking at life from the perspective of one's certain death. Try to visualize yourself at the hour of death. Just a couple of minutes each day. It's basic Buddhist beginners practice

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