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Sri Ranjit Maharaj

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If you want to realize your Self, you must devote your entire life to It. Otherwise, what is the use of life?

Be fearless. Roar like a tiger. Don't be like a mouse, always running away.

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Sri Ranjit Maharaj

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My Master's personality was so great that when someone came in contact with him, they could not go away untouched. So, although her nephew didn't believe in God, he still took the mantra from Siddharameshwar Maharaj. When he returned to Bombay, he told me, "When Siddharameshwar Maharaj comes to Bombay, I'll take you to him. You must take the mantra from him." I took his mantra and his bliss automatically came upon me. Although I was a believer in idol gods and I was worshipping them just like a fanatical person, the next day I left them. How? I don't know.

When I saw him I forgot Lord Krishna. That is the greatest thing which I saw in him. So, what I want to say is that when I saw him, I felt very natural, I tell you, and I forgot Lord Krishna, bas! [finished!] After this meeting nothing remained in me. So, in this way I met my Master and by his grace I understood. All honor goes to him and not to me.

Some people ask me, "When will we understand Reality? How will it happen?" It happens if your mind desires it very strongly. So, since I met him that day, I forgot all the words. I realised that the Master is the only person in the world from whom you can get something. His knowledge was so great and simple. He never used big, complicated words and he was a believer that the Vedas – the highest sacred books in India – should be taught to women and children too. He was so sure of his own realization of Reality and he felt that it was everybody's birthright to understand. Only in a human body can you achieve this. Otherwise, animals and birds for example, have no discrimination power, no intellect. Their life force is the same, but the contrivance of discrimination is not there. Only the human body has got the contrivance to discriminate between good and bad, between what is Reality and what is unreal, between what is illusion and what is God.

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Sri Ranjit Maharaj

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Mind will never allow you to go to the reality because its death is there.

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