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The Tantric Sage might say

---is not the whole point of life, to be fully at home in the body
and its desires, the mind and its ideas, the Spirit and its light.

To embrace them fully,evenly simultaneously
since all are equally, gestures of Awareness/Absolute Being

To inhabit lust and watch it play,
To enter ideas and follow their brilliance ,
To be swallowed by Spirit and awaken to A GLORY that time forgot to name .
BODY and MIND and SPIRIT all contained ,equally contained ,
In the ever-present AWARENESS that grounds the entire display

Life pulses , Mind Imagines ,Emotions wave ,Thoughts wander ,
What are all these but the endless movements of Absolute Being
Forever at play with its own gestures ,
Whispering quietly to all who would listen, is this not you yourself ?
From One Taste

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